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  1. anotherfallenchild:

    Like 99% of the original fan fic tropes came from Star Trek I’m not even joking

    • fuck or die
    • alien sex pollen
    • evil alternate mirror au
    • time travel au
    • sped up ageing 
    • stuck in a frozen cave 
    • body heat sharing
    • alien drunk disease 
    • body swap
    • this man is my exact double

    like there are so man more and I always see people being like ‘wtf where did the sex pollen trope even come from’ and the answer is Star Trek

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  3. bufflehalloween requested: top 9 Spike’s outfits

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  5. "A male author can write about unlikable male characters. They’re called anti-heroes and it’s called a novel."


    Gillian Flynn on people calling her writing misogynistic in Glamour magazine, the October 2014 issue. The level of sass and taking no shit from both her and Rosamund Pike-who Flynn interviews in this article-is strong and gives me life. (via samishoward)

    Nobody’s called me misogynistic or misanthropic.  What am I doing wrong?

    Oh, right.  I write A) genre, B) kids’, C) teenagers.  As far as adult literature is concerned, we don’t count.

    Too bad.

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  10. justtouchedawkwardly:

    first i was afraid


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  12. mild-bloom:

    i dont need a valentine i need 8 million dollars and a fast metabolism

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  14. breakfastburritoe:



    Are you a fisherman because I think you’re a reel catch

    You spelled real wrong.

    Throw this one back into the water boys we’ve got ourselves a city slicker

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  16. she-wants-the-eod:


    A very accurate depiction of a cat owner.

    Also drunk people

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  18. celebsoninstagram:

Snoop Dogg: “Message” (
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